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Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Certification

Yoga Alliance RYT 200 

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Yoga as personal practice

The first priority of this program is to turn you into a daily practitioner of yoga. You will receive detailed instruction on HOW and WHY to practice elements of Asana, Pranayama and Meditation to develop:

  • Your physical body and address common aches and pains like low back pain and neck pain - and supercharge your vitality.
  • Your energy. Become more alive, alert, awake and aware. Address common mental/emotional conditions that pull you off course like anxiety and depression.
  • Your intention. Understand deeply who you are and what the purpose of you life is.

This home practice setting is the pressure cooker for your future teaching career.  There you will experiment and grow and develop a deep authentic knowing about the tools of "practical' yoga and how to adapt them to your changing condition. 

You will get private yoga therapy sessions throughout the course to ensure you are getting the most out of your personal practice.


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Yoga as a Teaching Practice

Learning to teach is not simply gaining an understanding of how to cue someone to do a pose.  It's how to read the stories you observe on student's bodies, pace of speech, eye contact, etc, and then adapting the practice to meet his/her individual needs. This will set you apart in your future as a teacher.

We will focus on skills needed to teach special populations. The program contains instruction on teaching

  • Aging populations
  • Neck Pain / Back Pain
  • Anxiety / Depression
  • Corporate Yoga

In addition to these groups, we will set aside time in class and in your private mentorship sessions to gain insight, skills and strategies to address the needs and goals of YOUR ideal target population.

This program will mold to you and give you the skills to teach "practically anyone". 

You will receive mentorship with yoga professionals who will help you identify your ideal client and create programs which that lead to the most positive outcomes.


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Yoga as a Business Practice

Do your research. How much time are other teacher trainings devoting toward developing your skills in the business of yoga? It is a focal point of this training and will get the same individualized attention as your personal and teaching practice.

You will be inspired to

  • define your ideal target client and a business model to fit your lifestyle, dreams and potential.
  • intelligently craft products around the special needs of this target
  • build a successful marketing strategy and sales funnel
  • take your business practically anywhere you want to go

This exciting portion of the training will redefine the current U.S. yoga business model of the studio and the gym. How far you will take it is entirely up to you and how big you can dream. 


Samantha, director of Davidson Yoga Therapy, is a wealth of knowledge on yoga asana, the 8 limb path, the yogic philosophy and traditions and her true gift is taking these time tested techniques and applying them to everyday life to improve quality of life and health outcome! I highly recommend working with her!
JM, Cornelius

I completed my first 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program with Sam. Her teachings built a strong foundation for my own teachings and have kept me grounded in the tradition and healing aspects of Yoga. I respect Sam’s teaching abilities so much that I referred my mother to train with her. Mom completed her 200 Hour Training Program and only has positive feedback.
KB, Charlotte

Attention: Current Yoga Teachers

Are you a current RYT and looking to do more therapeutic offerings?

Learn how to incorporate Vinioyga™ posture adaptations and sequencing at a foundational level to get real, evidence-based results for your students. You won't be able to pick up this information from a book or a weekend course. Believe me, I've tried. 

This course will not only give you the skills to teach true therapeutics - but also the confidence to market yourself in more professional venues. 

This is the STUFF!

Attend this course in shorter chunks to deepen your practice, boost your skills and increase your market appeal. You will receive private yoga therapy, teacher mentorship and business coaching depending on which module you sign up for. 

If you are a former graduate of mine, take an additional 20% off the cost listed.

Each segment of the training builds on the foundation built in previous segments.

  • Weekends 1-4:  $1200
  • Weekends 5-7: $900 
  • Weekend 8: $400
  • Weekends 9-10: $600 

Weekend 1

Oct 13-15

Fri 6-9, Sat, 8-5, Sun 9-5

  • Introduction to the program 
  • Philosophical Foundations
  • Anatomy, Physiology, Psychology and Adaptations of Forward and Backward Bends
  • Introduction to Therapeutic Breathing and Mindfulness
  • Intro to the Yoga Sutras

Weekend 2

Nov 10-12

Fri 6-9, Sat, 8-5, Sun 9-5

  • Yoga to Develop Your Relationship to Your Body
  • Anatomy, Physiology, Psychology and Adaptations of Lateral Bends and Axial Extensions
  • Breathing 2
  • Mindfulness 2
  • Yoga Sutras 2

Weekend 3

Dec 8-10

Fri 6-9, Sat, 8-5, Sun 9-5

  • Yoga to Develop Your Relationship to Your Body.
  • Anatomy, Physiology, Psychology and Adaptations of Twists and Balance Poses.
  • Breathing 3.
  • Mindfulness 3.
  • Yoga Sutras 3.

  • Yoga to Develop Your Relationship to Your Body
  • Anatomy, Physiology, Pshychology and Adaptations of Inversions
  • The Art of Sequencing for Best Outcomes: Back Pain and Neck Pain
  • Breathing 4
  • Mindfulness 4
  • Yoga Sutras 4

Weekend 4

Jan 12-14

Fri 6-9, Sat, 8-5, Sun 9-5

Weekend 5

Feb 16-18

Fri 6-9, Sat, 8-5, Sun 9-5

  • Yoga to Influence Physiology
  • Intro to The Energetics of Asana 1
  • Adaptations and Sequencing of Asana to Nourish and Strengthen
  • Intro to Pranayama: Formulas for Formal Breathing Practice
  • Meditation 1
  • History 1
  • Chakras 1
  • Yoga Sutras 5

Weekend 6

March 9-11

Fri 6-9, Sat, 8-5, Sun 9-5

  • Yoga to Influence Physiology.
  • The Energetics of Asana 2
  • Adaptations and Sequencing of Asana for Resilience and Ease
  • Pranayama 2
  • History 2
  • Chakras 2
  • Yoga Sutras 6

Weekend 7

April 13-15

Fri 6-9, Sat, 8-5, Sun 9-5

  • Yoga to Influence Physiology
  • The Energetics of Asana 3
  • Adaptations and Sequencing of Asana For Inner Balance
  • The Art of Sequencing for Depression and Anxiety
  • Pranayama 3
  • History 3
  • Chakras 3
  • Yoga Sutras 7.

  • Yoga to Still the Mind and Open the Heart
  • The Art of Sequencing for Focus, Clarity and Peace
  • Fully Integrated Practice
  • The Meditation Retreat Weekend. 

Weekend 8

May 11-13

Fri 6-9, Sat, 8-5, Sun 9-5

Weekend 9

June 15-17

Fri 6-9, Sat, 8-5, Sun 9-5

  • Yoga to Develop Your Relationship to the World
  • Ethics
  • Identify Your Ideal Client
  • Planning Classes/Workshops - The Method
  • Teaching Strategies for Best Client Outcomes - Immersion

Weekend 10

July 13-15

Fri 6-9, Sat, 8-5, Sun 9-5

  • Yoga to Develop Your Relationship to the World
  • Develop Your Confidence and Brand: Stand out in the Sea of Sameness
  • Create a Business Plan to Fit Your Lifestyle
  • Website Development Workshop
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Graduation
Learn2TeachYoga Samantha Leonard

About Me

My name is Samantha Lynn Leonard.  I am the founder and creative director of Learn2TeachYoga and owner/operator of Davidson Yoga Therapy.

I am a Yoga Therapist with thousands of hours of training and multiple 200 and 500 hour certifications from some of the world's leading authorities on authentic, therapeutic, practical, transformational yoga. 

I am dedicated to scaling the yoga industry to new and well-deserved heights in the personal transformation, mental health, allied healthcare educational and business sectors. 

I believe the key to doing this is to offer you a depth of personal, authentic experience as a yoga practitioner, train you to use the tool of therapeutic yoga so that your future students get the best possible outcomes and to inspire you to move 'beyond the studio' and into the professional world in a way that makes the most sense for your brand of living.

I have been studying intensively with Gary Kraftsow for the past 4 years. I have worked closely with Kristine Kaoverii Weber and Subtle Yoga, leading Subtle Yoga RYT 200 trainings and Subtle Yoga Charlotte. I have created and led wellness programming for Carolinas Healthcare System, Davidson College, The Sanger Heart Clinic, local small and mid-sized businesses and now for my own thriving business, Davidson Yoga Therapy where I work with people with conditions from ulcerative colitis to stroke, anxiety to anorexia, diabetes to low back pain.

I have been a regular featured speaker for the National Association of Social Workers and for cancer, fibromyalgia, and PTSD support groups all over Charlotte.

Click here for a few testimonials about my work outside teacher training . . .

Best learn2teachyoga pic

The Team

Ok. It looks a little like a rock album cover. But we had fun with this photoshoot just like we intend to have fun in this training. 

I include this photo so you can get a better feel for the real live people who will be your river guides on this journey. 


About Sherry

Sherry Lyerly-Tarner, MS, LPC, RT, RYT is one of two co-lead teachers-in-training for the Learn2TeachYoga Program.  

She is the Owner and Lead Professional Counselor of Pure Wellness & Healing in Charlotte, NC. She is a licensed professional counselor, a yoga teacher, and a Reiki Master Teacher. Sherry holds a Masters Degree in Mental Health Counseling, is a Registered Yoga Teacher, a certified teacher of Color Me Yoga for Children, as well as a certified EAGALA equine psychotherapist. She studied Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction in Education with Jon Kabat-Zinn in New York, and is also a former teacher of Language Arts & Gifted Education. 



About Christine

Christine Redman is the second co-lead teacher-in-training for the Learn2TeachProgram. 

"I have been a Licensed Recreation Therapist for 16 years, practicing the physical piece of yoga for over 10 years. About three years ago I was looking for something more in life and yoga presented itself to me. I first found yoga for mental health professionals and it made complete sense. I was inspired by what yoga could do for me, not only my body but my mind and spirit as well. I completed my 200 hour Subtle Yoga training with Samantha Leonard and Kristine Kaoverii Weber in 2015 and am currently working towards my kid’s yoga training certification.

Yoga gives me balance. Balance in my feet and my head. Balance in my relationships especially in my relationship with myself. It offers me the ability to let go of thoughts and images around me so I can focus on the space inside me. Knowing when I stumble, I can ground myself through my faith in my feet and the strength within me. Yoga fills my body with breath, which sustains life. But yoga also fills my heart with joy which sustains fulfillment of life. And that is what I am excited to share with everyone."



About Casey Jean

Casey Jean is the admin wiz for the Learn2TeachYoga Program.

"I first came to yoga a few years ago as a form of restorative exercise after receiving a diagnosis of Ulcerative Colitis. I soon realized the benefits of yoga were not exclusively physical, but also mental and emotional. I completed her 200-hour Yoga Alliance certification at Okra Yoga in Charlotte, NC and have been working with Samantha Leonard through yoga therapy for UC since then while building my teaching career path. I am known for my non-judgmental teaching style, and creatively sequencing classes that are alignment and breath-based."


And what Casey didn't tell you in her bio is that she has created an all natural healing skin and hair care product line as a creative and positive way of coping with her chronic severe illness. She is resourceful, resilient and a welcome addition to the Learn2TeachYoga "teachers-in-training" staff!


About Julia

Julia Sherrill, MSW, LCSW, RYT200 will be the group moderator for the entire training. 

She Is a psychotherapist with Carolinas Healthcare System and teaches yoga in the community. She has a Master’s degree in Clinical Social Work as well as a 200 hour yoga teacher training certification through Samantha Leonard and Kristine Kaoverii Weber’s Subtle Yoga program. She has found a natural connection between healing emotionally and physically through yoga and how easily yoga complements the goals and pursuits of psychotherapy.

She has been personally practicing yoga for 10+ years and has had experience in teaching elementary school students at an inner-city afterschool program, teaching women transitioning out of homelessness and domestic violence situations, as well as at a minimum security male prison in Indiana.

Julia now uses her professional mental health training in tandem with her understanding of ancient yogic principles and wisdom to improve mental health outcomes using mindfulness and breath-centric practices.

Julia Sherrill.png
If you’re looking for a place to practice and learn about all aspects of yoga and its benefits, or for a truly individualized  therapeutic program from a compassionate, intuitive expert in yoga therapy to help in managing anxiety, depression, physical challenges, or personal growth on your path, I have learned from my own experience that Samantha is the one to turn to! She brings a wealth of experience, training, and an open-hearted approach to helping you heal and grow. Samantha listens, she hears what you need, and she delivers! She is truly on the cutting edge of a more realistic, holistic approach to healing, than many other modalities out there. As a psychotherapist, I highly recommend her and her approach to my clients, as I, myself, have benefitted so much from her experience, knowledge, and willingness to share!
SLT, Charlotte

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